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Enjoy The good life . . .
With gentle, chlorine-free BAQUACIL® . . .

. . . and experience all the pleasures of chlorine-free swimming. The chlorine-free formulation is gentle and non-irritating to eyes and skin, it's gentle also on swimsuits and pool liners.

Proven To Be Gentle
BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat is so gentle, it's actually used in some contact lens cleaning solutions.

More Effective, So You Can Enjoy The Pool
BAQUACIL's chemical structure makes it extremely stable, and is not affected by sunlight, temperature or pH fluctuations.

BAQUACIL offers 3 pool care systems to suit your pool and lifestyle. They are easy to follow 3-step, three product chlorine-free systems. Talk with us and we will recommend the best system to suit your pool and your lifestyle.

The Stability of BAQUACIL Gives You
• Peace of mind - because you get more dependable, more consistent bacteria control
• More time to enjoy fun in the water with your family

Freedom from Bacteria Worry
You can count on BAQUACIL for long-lasting effectiveness against bacteria. The chemistry of BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat is stable and won't burn off in the summer heat and sun. Your pool will maintain consistent bacteria protection day after day.

We are ready to help you customize a personal pool care program. A conversation with one of our trained professionals is the best way to feel confident about maintaining your pool. Best of all, we have all the right products to keep your pool in top shape!

NOTE: With all pool care products, avoid physical contact. Follow safety information on label instructions. Open in well-ventilated area. Avoid breathing fumes. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.


Baquacil Oxidizer

A chlorine-free liquid oxidizer of 27% specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide used to clarify pool water by oxidizing organic compounds (swimmer waste).


Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat

The principle chemical in the BAQUACIL Pool Care System. A polymer-based liquid sanitizer that provides safe, persistent control of bacteria and algae. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable in water and lasts longer than chlorine without any of chlorine's unpleasant side effects.


Baquacil CDX

A specially formulated product that is designed to maintain a residual BAQUACIL Oxidizer level in pool water for clear water all season long.


Baquacil Algicide

A liquid algicide that's proven effective against a wide range of slime and algae, including common types such as green, black, and mustard algae.


Baquacil Premium Algicide

Supplemental algicide used to control the growth of algae in swimming pools. Highly effective against all types of algae.


Baquacil Total Alkalinity Increaser

High-purity, low-dusting product used to raise alkalinity to the recommended level. Also compatible with chlorine and bromine pools.

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Baquacil Calcium Hardness Increaser

High-purity beads (prills) used to raise calcium hardness in pool water. Also compatible with chlorine and bromine pools.


Baquacil Cover Cleaner

A powerful liquid concentrate for effective, thorough cleaning of pool covers prior to storage or whenever your cover needs cleaning. Mix with water and apply, then easily wipe away the worst dirt to clean, protect and prolong the life of all types of covers.


Baquacil Sand Filter Cleaner

Strong acid-based filter cleaner dissolves and removes debris, scale, rust, and organic waste from sand filters. Surfactant (detergent) is incorporated in formula to enhance cleaning power for a thoroughly clean filter. Use at least twice a season to ensure good water quality and optimum filter efficiency.


Baquacil Flocculant

An iron-free aluminum sulfate compound used to treat persistent haze. Used for years by municipal water authorities, now available for treating cloudy conditions and clarifying swimming pool water.


Baquacil Foam Disperser

A highly concentrated silicon-based liquid, specially formulated to reduce foam in swimming pools and spas.


Baquacil Metal Control

Strong chelating agent available for deactivating dissolved copper, iron, and other heavy metals that can affect water clarity and sanitizer efficiency. Helps to prevent discoloration of pool water and staining of pool sides and bottom. Not affected by extremes of temperature or pH.


Baquacil pH Decreaser

High-purity, highly active dry acid product used to lower pH and total alkalinity. Also compatible with chlorine and bromine pools. 6# pail.


Baquacil pH Increaser

High-purity, highly active dry alkaline product used to raise pH. Also compatible with chlorine and bromine pools. 4# pail.


Baquacil Surface Cleaner

A highly concentrated gel to remove stains, oil, scale and dirt both above and below the waterline. Safely cleans all types of pool and equipment surfaces. Can be applied directly to pool brush head for underwater cleaning. Leaves no residue.


Baquacil Test Strips

Easy to use, accurate test strips that measure pH, total alkalinity, BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat, and BAQUACIL Oxidizer. One dip gives fast results for all three factors in 15 seconds. Test weekly for water clarity throughout the summer.


Baquacil Water Clarifier

Clarifier used as needed to clear cloudy water due to water mold.



Helps reduce algae growth to maintain a crystal clear pool. Compatible with all sanitizing systems.



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