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By using a SpaGuard program in your spa care regimen, you will receive numerous benefits. When used according to label instructions, SpaGuard products will:

Make the water feel clean and comfortable.

Kill bacteria which can multiply rapidly in a spa.

Protect spa surfaces from stains caused by metals which are often dissolved in water.

Protect spa equipment from scale caused by calcium deposits. Scale can accumulate on spa surfaces and inside filters and heaters, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

For your convenience, the different product categories are color-coded.
BLUE: Sanitizers to kill bacteria and keep the water protected and soothing.
ORANGE: Oxidizers to remove undesirable compounds and keep the water clean and inviting.
PURPLE: Balancers to make the water feel wonderful, and protect the spa surfaces and equipment.
TEAL: Accessories to keep the spa surfaces clean and the water beautiful.

We are ready to help you customize a personal spa care program. A conversation with one of our trained professionals is the best way to feel confident about maintaining your spa. Best of all, we have all the right products to keep your spa in top shape.

NOTE: With all spa care products, avoid physical contact. Follow safety information on label instructions. Open in well-ventilated area. Avoid breathing fumes. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.




Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds and detergents.


Brominating Concentrate

The strongest bacteria fighter with powerful granules that is extremely easy to use. Brominating Concentrate is applied in the correct amount while the pump is running.


Brominating Tablets

The power of an organic brominating compound (BCDMH) compressed into 1-inch tablets that dissolve slowly and protect continuously. Brominating Tablets are particularly good for commercial spas and other spas with big bather loads.


Calcium Hardness Increaser

Raises calcium levels to prevent the corrosion that "soft" water can cause.


Chlorinating Concentrate

The sanitizing power of chlorination in concentrated granules that dissolve quickly and completely.


Enhanced Shock

Every spa needs to be shocked to eliminate undesirable compounds that build up with use. Enhanced Shock allows you to quickly shock your spa and re-enter in just fifteen minutes as long as the free chlorine is in the appropriate range.


Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

Chemically break-down oils and dirt that stay embedded in your filter's fabric.


Natural Spa Enzyme

Eliminates oils before they collect at the waterline or clog the filter by converting them into carbon dioxide and other easy to remove compounds.


Off The Wall

Efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces.


pH Decreaser

Lowers the pH and helps prevent the formation of calcium scale.


pH Increaser

Raises the pH and helps prevent corrosion.


Spa Mitts

SpaGuard Spa Cleaning Mitts keep your spa clean by removing oils, dirt and waterline deposits on all spa surfaces.


Spa Shock

This non-chlorine shock is the ideal oxidizer for spas with an ionizer unit. It makes undesirable compounds disappear.


Stain & Scale Contol

SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control does a great job of preventing scale by introducing powerful agents that sequester calcium ions in your spa water.


Total Alkalinity Increaser

When total alkalinity is in balance, it stabilizes the pH to minimize the risks of corrosion, scale and soaker discomfort.


Water Clarifier

Clears cloudy water by combining small particles into larger ones that filter can remove.



Transform your spa into an aromatherapy haven with Moments from SpaGuard. Six sensory-scintillating fragrances - Retreat, Revive, Passion, Tranquility, Immerse and Rejuvenate - combine hyacinth, rose, lily, fresh apple, vanilla, jasmine, green tea, and a host of other intoxicating and soothing herbs and fragrances. Your spa experience will be enhanced with every breath you take.



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